Optical OADM Module

Optical OADM(optical add-drop multiplexer), It is a device used in WDM systems for multiplexing different optical channels into or out of single-mode fibers.This is an optical node,usually used in the formation and construction of optical communication networks. By "add" and "delete", I mean the capability of the device to add one or more new wavelength channels to an existing multi-wavelength WDM signal and/or remove one or more channels and transmit these signals to another network path. Opelink 7+ years fiber optic Products service experience, Be your faithful partner.

OADM Module: 2CH Optical CWDM OADM, 2.0mm LC/PC ABS BOX packaging with Express Port

Over 7 years of experience, better service | Fiber-WD-019

DWDM OADM Module: Optical DWDM OADM, LC/PC Plug-in ABS BOX packaging

Over 7 years of experience, better service | Fiber-WD-020