Fiber Optic Connector Parts

What is the Fiber Optic Connector?
Fiber optic connector is the terminal equipment of optical fiber, The main function of Fiber Optic connector is to quickly connect two optical fibers so that the optical signal can be continuous and form an optical path.Optical fiber connector is a movable and reusable device, and it is also the most necessary and used passive device in optical communication system. In addition to the two optical performance parameters of insertion loss and return loss, attention should also be paid to the interchangeability, repeatability, tensile strength, operating temperature and insertion and withdrawal times of fiber optic connectors when choosing a good fiber optic connector Fiber Optic Connectors can be divided into LC Connector, SC Connector, FC Connector, ST Connector, MU Connector, MT Connector, MPO/MTP Connector, etc. According to the optical fiber end face: FC, PC, UPC, APC.