Optical AAWG Module

Optical AAWG (Athermal ARRAY waveguide Grating) is part of a range of high performance products, Based on silicon on silicon planar technology. It is below the ITU Grid DWDM wavelength at 50 GHz or 100 GHz channel intervals 1526 nm to 1565 nm.In the absence of a power supply, AAWG DWDM can be used to replace the FILTER type DWDM. The AAWG module provides a combination of very low loss and high channel isolation and long-term reliability. Each module can perform Mux and Demux functions. Opelink 7+ years fiber optic Products service experience, Be your faithful partner.

AAWG Module: 48CH Optical DWDM AAWG, LC/PC connector Metal BOX packaging

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40CH Guassian AAWG Module, Flat-top Athermal AWG, Standard Metal Box For DWDM Networks

Over 7 years of experience, better service | Fiber-WD-022