FTTH Drop Cable

FTTH Drop cable For the standard 8 type structure, two parallel reinforced core, the middle is optical fiber, self-supporting leather cable in the structure of ordinary leather cable added a thick wire hanging wire, in general, self-supporting leather cable is an additional wire, the other has not changed. The structure of each manufacturer of this FTTH Drop cable is different. But most of them are not metal-strengthening cores, take butterfly-shaped leather cables as an example. In order to meet the needs of fiber to the home and cost considerations, some FTTH Fiber Cables have been specially designed for outdoor use, such as Flat FTTH Drop cable, which also belong to outdoor fiber cablesOPELINK offer a full range of FTTH Cable applications. Our cable sales are large and cost-effective.

FTTH Fiber cable: GJXH FTTH Bow-Type Metal Strength Member Drop Cable

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