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Opelink is a high-tech company headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Founded in 2013, Opelink thrives steadily and healthily along with the development of communication technology. As the company grows, all employees work hand in hand. Today, Our Fiber Optic products for the Optical Fiber Communications industry are becoming more and more diversified.

.Passive component series, such as Fiber Optic PLC Splitter, FBT Coupler, Optical CWDM, DWDM Module, AAWG Module, Optical Fiber Cable, Fiber Optic Patchcord, Fiber Optic AttenuatorFiber Optic Adapter, Optical Circulator, Optical Isolator, Fiber Optic Connector Parts etc.


.Active component series, such as optical Transceiver Module, Fiber Optic Switch,Optical Fiber Media Converter etc.
.FTTH series, such as Fiber Optic Fast Connector, Fiber Optic Distribution Box, Fiber Optic splice clousure(FOSC), Optical Fiber distribution frame(ODF) etc.
.Fiber optic polishing material series, such as Final Polishing Film, Fiber Optic Lapping Film, Heat Curing Epoxy Adhesives etc.
.Fiber optic equipment&Tools series, such as Handheld optical power meter, Fiber Optic Visual Fault Locator(VFL), Fiber Optic cleaner Pen, Fiber Optic Cassette Cleaner, Fiber optic Polishing Fixture, Fiber Optic End Face Video Inspection Microscope etc.

With the efforts of all the staff, the countries we serve have continued to increase. In addition to China, our products are also exported to Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and some other countries, including East Asia, South Asia, South America, Africa and other regions.

We pay great attention to product quality and customer service, which is the foundation of business survival. We are committed to providing customers with competitive product prices,  customer satisfaction is our goal. If you see us on the Internet or in other ways, and have any needs and ideas for our products, please Contact us, we will be very grateful.


  • Quality is superior to everything, and excellent service is provided.
  • Professional assistance, reliable quality and safe delivery.
  • Opelink is a mature Chinese fiber optic manufacturer.
  • Proud of the quality of optical Fiber communication products

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Opelink – The fiber optic products manufacturer of choice

The world's leading manufacturer and supplier of passive and active fiber optic components and equipment. From raw material selection to assembly, packaging and transportation, each production stage of our workshop is strictly controlled. Optical fiber systems provide functions for enterprises and consumers Powerful and cost-effective broadband network solution.

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Opelink – The fiber optic products manufacturer of choice

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