ADSS Optical Fiber Cable | All dielectric self supporting Fiber Cable

All dielectric self supporting optical cable ADSS

All dielectric self supporting optical fiber cable (ADSS) is a kind of special optical cable which is erected on the same pole with power line by using the existing
high-voltage transmission tower. It has the advantages of low engineering cost, convenient construction, high security and easy maintenance. ADSS optical cable
s self-supporting overhead laying, which should have large tensile strength to ensure that it can bear the external environmental impact during normal operation.
The main load-bearing element of ADSS optical cable is aramid yarn, which can be divided into central tube type and layer stranded type according to the structure.
The layer stranded structure is divided into single sheath structure and double sheath structure, as shown in the figure below.

In the mechanical design of ADSS optical cable, in addition to a certain tensile strength, it is also necessary to consider the safety distance from the ground under a
certain span and the safety distance to the ground under full load environment in order to prevent the normal operation of the road surface from being affected. On the
other hand, due to the high-voltage electric field environment around the high-voltage power line, it is easy to corrode and damage the ADSS optical cable. Therefore,
when laying the ADSS cable, not only the appropriate suspension point should be selected, but also the outer sheath should have certain electrical corrosion resistance.
According to the requirements of DL / T 788-2001 "all dielectric self supporting optical cable", the outer sheath can be divided into class A (potential less than 12kV) and
class B (potential greater than 12kV). According to the actual application, it is generally recommended that the operating potential of suspension point should not exceed