FTTX Solution

Fiber to X (FTTX) is a general term, people use fiber to provide any broadband network architecture that is all or part of the local loop of last mile telecommunications.
An overview of several configurations of FTTX fiber deployment, from FTTN (Fiber to Neighborhood/Translator) to FTTD (Fiber to Desktop). Fiber optic configuration directly
into the building can provide Speed of speed, because the remaining part can use standard serial or coaxial cable. But for the configuration from the standard serial port to the
existing coaxial cable, in a street The fiber configuration of the cabinet transition to the copper cable is generally far from the user.
When the downstream rate exceeds 20Mbit/s, they generally use a very high bit rate digital subscriber line (VDSL). There are experimental projects, such as plans to provide
directly to consumer users Symmetrical connection of 1000/1000 Mbit/s. Optical fiber is often said to be "future-oriented" because the data transmission rate of the connection
is usually limited by the terminal equipment, rather than the optical fiber, which makes it There are few equipment upgrades that can increase speed that must be upgraded before
the optical fiber itself. Nevertheless, the types and lengths of optical fibers we use, such as multi-mode and single-mode, are The applicability of connecting more than 1Gbit/s is
crucial. However, compared to DSL, it provides a very high speed.