Fiber Optic Splice Box

Fiber Optic Splice box is widely used in today's fiber network components, suitable for outdoor applications and harsh environments. It usually contains one or more fiber optic connector trays to provide mounting space and protection for the fiber optic connector.Fiber connector trays for different fiber connector boxes may have different designs and fiber number. Commonly used are 24cores, 32cores, 48cores, 96cores. 
Fiber Optic Splice box Suitable for a variety of use scenarios: indoor, outdoor, hanging walls, hanging poles, FTTH network, telecom network, data communication network, LAN, etc. 
Application types are: fiber optic cable box, insert type optical splitter box, box type optical splitter Box and modular optical divider boxInstallation can be divided into pole-mounted Type, wall-mounted Type.
Our product has anti-uv anti-aging, flame retardant Waterproof and anti - theft functions, the box inside the upper and lower layer type Management, dual channel routing, functional installation design Facilitate project construction and maintenance management;Conducive to low cost, large Rapid deployment on a scale.