PON Network | Passive Optical Network

Passive Optical Network (PON) fiber optic wiring solutions.
Cost-effective, modular, high-performance solutions for transferring voice, video, and data to desktop applications.

Passive optical network (PON) can transmit voice, video and data to desktop applications through a single-mode fiber, which can extend the transmission distance, and is easy to deploy, saving channel and pipeline space. Simon's optical fiber cabling solution for enterprise passive optical network (PON) is a cost-effective modular and high-performance solution, which can improve the modularity and flexibility of PON and make it easier to manage.

PON optical fiber cabling solution provides a variety of splitter installation methods, can support a variety of PON applications, and includes wiring, components, connectors, cable management and a variety of distribution box options, improving enterprise level PON applications from OLT to work area equipment.

Fiber Optic PLC Splitter
The PLC Splitter box adopts advanced planar optical waveguide (PLC) technology, which can realize multi fiber connection and has excellent optical performance. This method uses a splitter made of silica optical waveguide material, which can reduce insertion loss and polarization dependent loss and improve uniformity.
Compatible with optical fiber distribution box and distribution frame, rack connection frame and distribution frame provide SC, LC and MTP interfaces, with a variety of port configurations, including 1 or 2 input ports and 8 to 32 output ports. The optional front and rear outlets can realize various installation and branch layout modes, so as to support various environments and applications

Rack type PLC Splitter distribution frame
The rack splitter panel integrates the splitter technology into a 19 inch rack mounting unit, which can be easily and quickly installed in a standard rack, cabinet or chassis
Six different light splitting ratios are available to support a wide range of PON applications, including 1x8, 2x8, 1x16, 2x16, 1x32, 2x32 and dual 1x16 19 inch rack mount units with SC or LC ports of UPC or APC models

Single mode fiber adapter and module
Fiber optic adapters and modules are well suited to create flexible fiber interconnects and jumpers between OLT and splitter, as well as between splitter and ont, with the advantages of structured cabling, including ease of upgrade and mobility, addition and change.
The adapter module can be used for single-mode SC / APC, LC / APC and MTP / APC, and can be installed in distribution boxes and panels together with the splitter box. SC / APC to MTP and LC / APC to MTP plug and play modules are ideal for deploying high-density MTP PON solutions using area distribution and can be installed in distribution boxes and panels along with the splitter box.
Fiber optic distribution box, distribution frame, hub and area wiring
PON fiber cabling solutions include a variety of fiber distribution boxes and panels, which can be deployed between OLT and ont.