Fiber Optic Tools

We offer fiber optic tools, including fiber optic connector cleaning Box products, fiber optic cable breakpoint detection pen. Fiber optic tools as Fiber optic clean pen ,There are the following product features: 1.Throw after use, more than 800 times of use; 2.The anti-static body design ensures that the product is not polluted by dust; 3.The cleaning effect of water and oil stains is higher than that of traditional cotton swab cleaner; 4.Clean connector, flange and fixed module end face easily; 5.The length of the cleaning head is flexible, and the male and female heads can be cleaned; 6.The cleaning system is completely clean by rotating 180 degrees; 7.Easy to use and carry

MTP MPO Cleaner: Fiber Connector Cleaner For MPO MTP per clean with over 600

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