Bare Fiber Adapter

The bare fiber adapter is composed of Access and entry ends. The connection end is just like an optical fiber connector and conforms to the standard specification. The connection end connects and fixes the bare fiber. As an optical passive device, bare fiber adapters can be used to temporarily connect bare fiber to fiber optic equipment in a convenient and quick way. Based on their shortcut advantages, they are used in engineering construction and rapid maintenance. They do not need to be assembled in the factory like connector processing. You only need to simply strip off the fiber. We provide a variety of models of bare fiber adapters, including SC, FC, ST, LC, etc. Our products are cleaned externally. Clean the bare optical fiber, insert it into the bare optical fiber adapter and fix it, without the curing step of epoxy resin, it is very easy to operate. High cost performance, good sales, welcome to consult. we have more than 7 years of experience in the sales of optical fiber products, and look forward to providing you with perfect service.