Fiber Optic Patch cable: SC-SC Fiber Optic Patch cord, 9/125um Singlemode, Simplex, 3mm Cable, LSZH/PVC Yellow

Fiber Optic Patch Cable is also fiber optic Patchcord or fiber optic patch cord Or Fiber Jumper, It is composed of a fiber optic cable terminated with different connectors on the ends. Fiber optic patch cables are used in two major application areas: computer work station to outlet and patch panels or optical cross connect distribution center. Opelink offer various types of high-quality and cost-effective Fiber Optic Patch cable, 7+ years of fiber Patchcord Product experience, the best price For You.
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 Brand Name.  OPELINK
 Product Number  Fiber-FP-017
 Product name  Fiber Optic Patch Cable
 Place of Origin  Guangdong, China
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