Optical WDM Module

Optical WDM belongs to Fiber Optic Passive component Products, It is a technology that combines two or more optical carrier signals of different wavelengths and Multiplexer at the transmitting end, which is coupled to the same optical fiber for transmission.At the receiving end, the optical carrier of various wavelengths is separated by a Demultiplexer, which is then further processed by the optical receiver to recover the original signal. Opelink provide Optical WDM products including CWDM, CCWDM, DWDM, FWDM, AAWG, Good Price and Hight Quality, MultiPayment Methods.

CCWDM Module: 8CH Optical CCWDM Mux Demux Module Metal Box with Express port

Over 7 years of experience, better service | Fiber-WD-018

DWDM OADM Module: Optical DWDM OADM, LC/PC Plug-in ABS BOX packaging

Over 7 years of experience, better service | Fiber-WD-020

Optical DWDM Module:4CH DWDM Mux / Demux , ABS Pigtailed Module, 0.9mm LC/PC

Over 7 years of experience, better service | Fiber-WD-026