Optical Fiber Cable

Optical Fiber Cable belongs to optical fiber communication products, It is a chemical, mechanical, and environmental property of one or more optical fibers or fiber bundles.No matter what kind of structure the optical cable is, it is basically composed of cable core, reinforcing element and sheath.There are four kinds of commonly used optical Fiber cable structures: layer stranded, skeleton, central beam tube and ribbon.The classification of optical cables: indoor optical cables, outdoor optical cables, ftth drop fiber cable, outdoor optical cables for the main trunk and man buried directly, pipelines, overhead construction, Indoor optical cable is mainly used in building LAN construction, vertical wiring in the building, FTTH Fiber Cable suitable for optical fiber to the user (FTTH) network ,users to introduce the section of the cable, but also apply to the Office (FTTO) and optical fiber to the building (FTTB). Opelink can provide 1-288Cores Optical Fiber cable customized service, Welcome!

Breakout Cable: 9/125 Singlemode Indoor Breakout Optical Fiber Cable

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Sub-unit Distribution Fiber Cable: Singlemode Indoor distribution Optical Fiber Cable

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