Fiber Patchcord & Pigtail

Do you know the difference between Fiber Patchcord and Fiber Optic Pigtail?
Fiber Patchcord and Fiber Optic Pigtail, two commonly used network connection devices in fiber optic networks, have a lot in common, so many people can't tell the difference and often confuse them. In fact, the most intuitive difference between the two is that the tail fiber only has a connector head at one end, and the Fiber Patchcord has a connector head at both ends. Fiber Patchcord: There are connectors at both ends. Similar to coaxial cables, there is no mesh shield for jumping from the device to the fiber optic wiring link. It is generally used for connections between optical enders and terminal boxes. Several common fiber Patchcord in network engineering are:FTTH Fiber patchcord, FC Fiber optic Patchcord, SC Fiber optic Patchcord, ST Fiber optic Patchcord, LC Armored Fiber optic Patchcord. Opelink offer all kinds of fiber patchcord & pigtail, call us to give you the best price!