Fiber Optic Adapter

What is the Fiber Optic Adapter?
Fiber optic adapter, also known as fiber optic coupler, Fiber Adapter, are used to match connectors on both ends of fiber optic Patchcord together. Adapter products are the same as Fiber optica patchcord, optical attenuator and other optical fiber products, which belong to optical fiber communication passive componentsThey have single Port adapters, double Port adapters, or sometimes four Port adapters. Optical fiber adapters can match different optical connectors to realize the switching between different types of optical fiber connectors, such as FC-SC, SC-LC, ST-SC, LC-FC, MTRJ, MPO and E2000, and are widely used in optical fiber distribution frame (ODF), providing high quality, stable and reliable erformance. At present, there are three types of fiber adapter commonly used in the market: straight through optical fiber adapter, hybrid fiber optic adapter and bare fiber adapter. These products are widely used in optical fiber system testing, communication construction, optical fiber terminal equipment.