Duplex SC Male to LC Female Hybrid mating Adapter, singlemode SC-LC Plug-in Fiber Optic Adapter

Duplex SC-LC Male to Female Hybrid mating Adapter is a optical fiber passive device. The advantages of this hybrid adapter are small size, low end-to-end conversion optical loss, and more convenient to carry than cables. It is widely used in FTTH, Local Area Network, Communication Workshop, Fiber Optical Communication System, Telecommunications networks, Industrial and military application and other fields. Opelink also provides LC male-SC female hybrid adapters, both singlemode and multimode, Simplex and Duplex. We have more than 7 years of experience in optical fiber product sales. Customers are satisfied. Welcome to consult and purchase.
 Quick Details
 Brand Name.  OPELINK
 Product Number  Fiber-FA-068
 Product name  Duplex SC-LC Male to Female Hybrid mating Adapter
 Place of Origin  Guangdong, China
 Low Price  3.5USD


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