What are the different types of fiber optic switches?

The optical fiber switch has a long service life, is safe and reliable, and has strong anti-interference. It is especially suitable for applications such as humidity, high temperature, and strong electromagnetic interference. This switch can be completely immersed in liquid and can also work. It can also be installed far away from the control system. However, the cost of this switch is relatively high, and it is mainly divided into the following two types.

Direct fiber optic switch: When the hand presses the switch button, the optical path is blocked and the light is blocked. When the hand leaves the button, the optical path is turned on again. In this way, the output end can detect the change of the signal and send out the control signal.

Indirect fiber optic switch: The fiber of this switch is continuous, but only changes the total reflection condition of its light during propagation, so that the output energy of the fiber output end changes. As long as the photoelectric receiving device at the output end detects the change of the received energy, And compare and judge, and finally send out the control signal.