Understand what is a fiber optic connector?

When installing any optical fiber system, it is necessary to consider connecting optical fibers or cables with low loss to complete the connection of the wide link. The connection of the optical fiber link can be divided into permanent and active ones. Two kinds. For permanent splicing, most of them use fusion splicing method, and the bonding method forms a fixed connector to complete; active splicing is usually done by using movable connectors, optical fiber movable connectors, commonly known as fiber optic connectors, are also called live connectors.

fiber optic connectors usually use high-precision components (consisting of two pins and a coupling tube) to complete the alignment and connection of optical fibers or cables.

fiber optic connector

fiber optic connectors are reusable optical passive devices that connect two optical fibers or optical cables to form a continuous optical path. Now they are widely used in optical fiber transmission lines, optical fiber distribution frames and optical fiber testing instruments, and they are used in large numbers today. Optical passive devices.

The main purpose of fiber optic connectors is to complete the connection of optical fibers. Nowadays, fiber optic connectors widely used in optical fiber communication systems have many types and various structures, but the basic structure of various connections is common.

The function of the fiber optic connector is firstly the optical function, but there are also considerations about the interchangeability, tensile strength, repeatability, number of insertions, and insertion return loss of the fiber optic connector.