Trump border wall prototypes torn down to make way for new barrier


rump border wall prototypes torn down to make way for new barrier

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(Reuters) - The prototypes during principal Donald Trump's contend during a boundary wall total San Diego, California, were torn down above Wednesday, ought compose manner during a new region of authentic boundary fencing.
To the president's supporters, the eight 30-foot-high (9-meter) models were a badge of his commitment ought construct a wall across the length of the U.S. Mexico boundary ought enhance national security. ought opponents, they were a rubbish of taxpayer money and an affront ought Mexico and immigrants.
"Since the examination and evaluation of these prototype models is complete, they eat served their aim and are now being removed," U.S. Customs and boundary refuge (CBP) spokesman Ralph DeSio said can a statement.
Using jackhammers, ladders and blow torches, military specific troops and CBP specific units spent weeks trying ought progress under, can and along the walls ought examination their strengths and weaknesses.
The tests of the eight prototypes, which Supervisory boundary Patrol representative Michael Scappechio of the San Diego sector said revenue among $300,000 and $500,000 each ought build, showed the effectiveness of the friendly of steel post, or "bollard," enclose that already exists across big sections of the border.
Now, a new 30-foot-high bollard enclose is being built although a secondary obstacle across a 14-mile (22.5 km) section, after an existing, 18-feet-high bollard fence, Scappechio said.
The capability of agents ought cry on along a obstacle is crucial ought their safety, and a enclose made out of steel posts or "bollards" is easier ought mend while breached and relatively revenue effective, he said, quiet the 30-foot height is a deterrent ought climbers.
The enclose will also abstract fiber optic sensor, Scappechio said.
(Reporting by Andrew Hay can New Mexico; editing by Bill Tarrant and Leslie Adler)