The role and classification of optical isolator

The role of the optical isolator: to prevent the back light generated by various reasons in the optical path from adversely affecting the light source and other optical path systems.
   A sort of. In the intermediate and amplifying stage and amplifying stage optical isolators of the MOPA fiber amplifier, the working stability of the fiber-mounted amplifier can be improved; without it, the reflected light will enter the emission source (laser) and introduce the source-source flying airflow, causing the system to fail Stable, even damaged.

   b. In the coherent optical long-distance optical fiber communication system, the distance optical isolation can effectively reduce the loss caused by stimulated Brillouin.

   Therefore, optical isolators play an important role in industrial optical communication systems, optical fiber communications, and optical processing information systems.

       Classification of isolators:
      For more working principles, related people can be broken down into the role of light waves: using light waves and ablation, after the cone is pulled, the mode enters the path of the light waves that gather different gravitational waves for isolation processing. Inject the deflection for environmental protection to isolate the light of the same target; this type can be divided into polarization-maintaining isolators and non-polarization-maintaining isolators. And non-polarization maintaining isolator.
optical isolator