Operating instructions and precautions for the use of optical fiber splitter | best fiber optic splitter

1. Preparation before use

(1) Prepare absolute alcohol and dust-free wipe paper;

(2) If possible, prepare a portable optical fiber magnifier for engineering use;

(3) Reserve some related standard tests and standard adapters;

(4) Put on clean finger cots when possible.

Precautions during use:

(1) Unpack the product and check whether the product is damaged;

(2) Check whether the product channel has dust-proof equipment;

(3) Choose the corresponding optical fiber connector according to the product model, and clean the end face of the optical fiber connector before connecting. When cleaning, wiping paper dipped in alcohol should be laid flat on the desktop. When wiping, wipe in one direction along the angle of the ceramic surface. It should not be wiped back and forth to prevent damage to the end surface.

(4) After cleaning, distinguish the input and output ports, then remove the dust-proof device of the product to be used, and fit the connector. Attention should be paid when installing: the connector should be installed so that the key surface of the connector is consistent with the notch of the adapter, and then insert it horizontally along the adapter. When you hear a "click" sound, observe whether the white wire on the connector is flush with the edge of the adapter.
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