Introduction and popularization of fiber optic connector

With the development of the Internet so far, office and life are inseparable from the network, and we who use the network every day know very little about network optical fiber information. Everyone is familiar with the term optical fiber, but many people have not listened to optical fiber quick connectors. Said. This is an indispensable component in optical fiber transmission lines, optical fiber distribution frames, etc. Isn't it true that many people, "fiber optic connector", commonly known as flexible connectors, are generally referred to as optical fiber connectors. Not many people can accurately state its principle. 

fiber optic connector

fiber optic connector is the optical fiber connector that is connected to the optical module. There are many kinds of them, and they cannot be used with each other. The optical fiber and the optical fiber are detachably connected (movable). It precisely connects the two end faces of the optical fiber. Up, so that the light energy output by the transmitting fiber can be coupled to the receiving fiber to the maximum, and the impact on the system due to its intervention in the optical link is minimized. This is the basic requirement of the optical fiber connector. The use of the connector is most closely related to the optical fiber system under normal circumstances. When the connector is not widely used and is not easy to use, the connector manufacturer has standardized and simplified the connector to a large extent. In the process of using the optical fiber system, it is more convenient for users to use the connector. To a certain extent, the fiber optic connector affects the reliability and performance of the optical transmission system.

Splices, permanent connections or connectors can all form a fiber-to-fiber connection, which is different from plugging, which can be disconnected and reconnected. With the development of application fields, there are many types of fiber optic connectors. Different connector types have different characteristics, different advantages and disadvantages, and different performance parameters. But all connectors contain four basic components.