Functions and characteristics of fiber optic patch cords | fiber optic patch cord china

OM1: Large core diameter and numerical aperture, with strong light-collecting ability and anti-bending characteristics;

OM2: The core diameter and numerical aperture are relatively small, which effectively reduces the modal dispersion of the multimode fiber, significantly increases the bandwidth, and reduces the production cost by 1/3;

OM3: Flame-retardant outer skin is used to prevent flame spread, smoke, acid gas and poisonous gas, etc., and meet the needs of 10gb/s transmission rate; in 10Gb/s Ethernet using 850nm VCSEL, the optical fiber transmission distance can reach 300m .

OM4: Developed for VSCEL laser transmission, the effective bandwidth is more than twice that of OM3. In 10Gb/s Ethernet using 850nm VCSEL, the optical fiber transmission distance can reach 550m. It can run from 100GB to 150 meters using the MPO connector.

OM5: OM5 fiber patch cord draws on the wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) technology of single-mode fiber and extends the usable wavelength range for network transmission. In total, only 8-core multi-mode fiber is required, of which 4-core fiber is used to transmit signals. In addition, 4 core fibers are used to receive signals, and each fiber transmits 4 wavelengths, and the transmission rate of each wavelength is 25Gbps. Therefore, each core fiber of the OM5 fiber patch cord can transmit 100Gbps data. This greatly reduces the wiring cost of the network. At the same time, it can be backward compatible with OM3 and OM4 cabling, which greatly facilitates network expansion.

OS2: Compared with ordinary multi-mode fiber patch cords, OS2 single-mode duplex fiber patch cords have better performance and are more cost-effective in long-distance data transmission. Generally matched with FHD optical fiber distribution box, the transmission distance can reach more than 1km, which can meet a variety of different wiring requirements. There are two types of OS2 fiber patch cords: single-mode simplex fiber patch cords and single-mode duplex fiber patch cords. They are mainly different in fiber grades. Among them, single-mode duplex fiber patch cords have a wider range of applications.
fiber optic patch cord china