Classification of fiber optic connector

FC type optical fiber connector, the fiber optic connector was first developed by Japanese NTT company. FC is an abbreviation, indicating that the external reinforcement method is metal sleeve, and the fastening method is turnbuckle. In the earliest FC-type connectors, the mating end faces of the ceramic pins were flat contacts (FC).

The LC connector was developed by the famous Bell Institute. Modular jack (RJ) is adopted for easy operation. The pin and sleeve are half the size of normal SC and FC at 1.25 mm.

SC type is an optical fiber connector developed by Japanese NTT company. The housing is rectangular, and the structural dimensions of pins and coupling sleeves are exactly the same as those of the FC type. The end face of the pin is mostly ground by APC or APC; the fastening method is the pin type, which does not rotate. This connector has the advantages of low price, convenient operation, small fluctuation of interference loss, high compressive strength, and high installation density.