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In 1680, the Dutch scientist Howings was inspired by the principle of the cannon and invented the cylinder. At first, he only hoped to use the pressure generated by the explosion to propel the machine. With people's refinement in the use of cylinders, a magnetic ring is added to the cylinder piston, and then the position of the magnetic ring is detected by the magnetic switch attached to the cylinder wall, and then the relative position of detecting the movement of the piston rod is reached; To positioning, limit control, automatic protection, counting and other purposes. Today, magnetic switches and cylinders are matched and widely used in hundreds of fields such as robotics, automation equipment, medical equipment, and transportation.

"Cylinder magnetic switch" is a device that converts a detected magnetic signal into an electrical signal. At the beginning, the magnetic switch only had the function of detecting and outputting signals. With the ALIF Technology Company in 2001, a major optimization of the magnetic switch circuit was carried out; its current carrying capacity was increased from 20mA to 100mA. Since then, the application of magnetic switches has changed from simple detection and output signals to detectable and directly drive solenoid valves and other control components, giving cylinders more possibilities for applications in the field of automation, and therefore becoming an industry Universal design standards.

In modern automation applications, when the piston (magnetic ring) in the cylinder moves to the position detected by the magnetic switch, it will be captured by the magnetic switch and send an electrical signal; the controller will determine the position of the piston based on this electrical signal , And then control the equipment to execute the next action to achieve the goal of automation.
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