About the model introduction of fiber optic connectors

Fiber optic connectors use silicon-based and plastic as the two common propagation media. The common connector forms are: FC, SC, ST, LC, MC, D4, DIN and other forms. Japan’s optical fiber connector technology is relatively advanced. Among them, the FC-type fiber optic connectors and the SC-type fiber optic connectors were invented by Japan. The FC-type optical fiber connector has a simple structure, low cost, and easy operation. It is designed with a metal sleeve to make it durable. Obtained a substantial improvement.

The SC-type optical fiber is connected to the rectangular structure of the city, and its structure is completely different from that of the FC-type optical fiber connector. It adopts a latch type fastening method with a plug-in pin, which has higher compressive strength and installation density.

The LC connector is developed by Bell Research Institute. Its volume is only half of the SC connector and FC connector, but the density of the optical fiber connector has been greatly improved. It has been widely used in practical applications.