A little knowledge about Optical fiber cable

Structural features of Optical fiber cable: Optical fiber cable is made of one or more Optical fiber cables or Optical fiber cable bundles that meet chemical, mechanical and environmental characteristics. It consists of three parts.

What is optical fiber cable used for: Optical fiber cable is mainly used for optical signal transmission. Optical fiber cable transmission signal has the advantages of frequency bandwidth, low loss, strong anti-interference ability, and high fidelity. Optical fiber cable is Optical fiber cable. The optical fiber inside is a part of the Optical fiber cable, and it is generally not necessary to strictly distinguish the two in engineering applications.

For ordinary broadband users, the optical fiber cable to the home is to pull the optical fiber cable into the user's home, connect the optical fiber cable to the optical modem, and then connect to the router, computer and other devices to access the Internet through the optical modem. For network cable entry, the operator switch is generally installed in the corridor of the community, and a network cable is connected to the user's home through the network cable interface of the switch.